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2017 VVIVID+ 1 Discovery Sample pack Vinyl Wrap | Vvivid Canada

2017 VVIVID+ 1 Discovery Sample pack LIMITED STOCK

  • 1874

We are introducing full stocking options for most of the colors provided in this pack. 

It comes with Most VVIVID+ colors ( some not offered at all on like satin white gold, metallic lava red and more!)

We want you to test, feel and experience the new VVIVID+ line before it comes out next week!

Approximately 25 colors included.


Three options include:

Large sample pack ( approx 8.5" x 12")

Medium sample pack ( approx 6" x 8" )

Standard sample pack ( 4" x 6" )


Please note these will be assorted colors

These samples do not include product labels. 

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