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Full Master Vinyl Wrap Tool Kit by 3M and VViViD | Vvivid Canada

Full Master Vinyl Wrap Tool Kit by 3M and VViViD

  • 24999
  • Save $50

  • A total worth of over 300$! Save today by buying in bulk.
  • Comes with everything you need to make your wrap successful!
  • Comes with all the installation and care spray products, squeegees, cutting tools and more!
  • Authentic VViViD and 3M tools, please look at full product description for contents.


This package includes the following. 1 x VViViD shield protectant 16oz, 1 x VViViD Tack Reducer spray 16oz, 1 x VViViD Eraser Cleaner 16oz, 1 x VViViD Grime Contaminant Wash 16oz, 1 x VViViD Renew Matte Gel Wash 16oz, 1 x 3M Gold Squeegee ( Medium Stiffness) 1 x 3M White Squeegee ( hard stiffness) 2 x 3M Blue Squeegee ( Soft for curved surfaces) 2 x Edge Squeegee ( for tucking vinyl between panels ) 10 x VViViD Felt Buffers for Squeegee 10 x 3M Primer 94 Pens 3 x VViViD 30 Degree Carbon Blades 2 x Wrap Gloves 4 x VViViD Octopus Magnet Supports 1 x Wrapcut Filament Tape

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