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VViViD's Primer is one of a kind. Safe to use on sensitive paints and surfaces. Made for promoting commercial graphics, automotive tapes and wraps. This is the ONLY primer on the market that does not leave residue when applied. It will not eat through paints and finishes.

  • Specially formulated to enhance the adhesive bond of automotive tapes, commercial graphics and vehicle wraps.

  • The VVIVID® Primer is easy to use. Simply spray product on surface and wipe off using a clean towel. Apply adhesive product once surface is dry.

  • Will not leave adhesive residue during removal of graphics. ( non-corrosive formula does not dissolve the adhesive over time)

  • Hazmat free, non-corrosive formula does not leave any residues, does not eat through sensitive coatings and is not harmful to you or the environment.

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