VVIVID+ Conform Chrome Rose Gold


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Product Description

VVIVID+ features an improved adhesive, a silicone coated backing paper which reduces orange peel by 70% compared to the previous backing paper. Also features an exceptionally high clarity and reflectivity compared to the older finishes.

  • Construction: Multilayered
  • Thickness: 3.9 mils
  • Finish:¬†High Mirror - Metallic
  • Specific use: This durable film is ideal for long-term fleet and motorsport marketing applications, and provides a lightweight, economical alternative to paint. Great for architectural and automotive applications indoor and out.
  • Expected durability: 3-5 years.
  • Warranty*:¬†2.5 years (Multilayered films with high UV exposure on horizontal surfaces¬†tend to cause some adhesive residue during removal) ¬†Adhesive can be removed by simply rubbing it off. Adhesive residue will not damage paint in any way.¬†
  • Conformability: ( will conform but may blemish with¬†excessive heat and stretching)
  • Skill level needed:¬†High



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