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BIO HEX+ Micro Blue Air-tint® Headlight Tint

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The all-new BIO Hex+ Tints are here!

With a new and improved vinyl formula, developed in Canada, to reduce the risk of shrinking or peeling almost completely. The incredibly high gloss finish reduces the appearance of of the “orange peel” adhesive texture. These films offer the newest in manufacturing technology including a holographic layering process that is embedded into the film during production. These new BIO HEX+ tints can be installed as a tint, lamination, or color change film. 


  • Features: VVIVID Air Release, Scratch Resistance, Protective Liner
  • Type: Automotive, Architectural, Marketing Applications, Indoor & Outdoor
  • Lifetime: 4 years (Based On Vertical Exposure)
  • Finish: Clear, Gloss.
  • Adhesive Type: Acrylic-Based, Repositionable Ultra-Clear® adhesive.
  • Thickness: 3.9 mils
  • Conformability: High
  • Application Method: Dry 
    Key Features
    AIR-TINT®: The Original Air-Release Tint

    Our designers have developed the Air-Release membrane that helps you during the squeegee process once applying the wrap to whatever surface you choose, ready to use straight out of the box. All our Air-Tints include Air-Release, so you can say goodbye to those hard to squeegee air bubbles. It will make it quick and easy with a wrinkle-free installation. You will never want to use anything else for future products.

    No "Orange Peel"

    All vehicle vinyls share one thing in common: the 'Orange Peel' effect. This is the appearance of tiny surface variations that, on close inspection, mimic the texture of orange peel. With VViViD tints, we have refined our manufacturing process to virtually eliminate this, resulting in a high gloss finish that improves on our highly respected xpo tints.

    Scratch Resistance

    Improved scratched protection. VViViD tints are made of thicker, more resistant material, able to withstand rock chips, heat from headlights, and other wear and tear.

    UV Resistance

    Our tint is specially designed to resist the damaging effects of UV rays, ensuring that your headlights stay looking as good as new for longer.


    You can expect these headlight tints to be at their best for 4 to 6 years (based on vertical exposure).

    • High Clarity

      VViViD tints are designed to let your headlights and taillights cut through the tint more than previous generations. We want you to choose the perfect style and color for your car without compromising on safety.

    • Easy To Install

      VViViD tint films are designed to conform to any difficult surface that would otherwise be impossible with standard headlight tints. Made specifically for ease-of-use, these films are perfect for DIY-ers, no skills required.

    • Repositionable

      VViViD tints feature our Repositionable Ultra-Clear Adhesive, meaning you can reposition this tint multiple times without risk of glue lines, finger prints, or marring, and it will look crystal clear every time.

    • Dry Application

      No need for wet application or any messes. All you need is some heat for post heat treatment with nothing to mop after installation.