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Introducing VVIVID Liquid Metal Wraps!

This product has an extremely deep metallic finish with a super wet high gloss finish.

It is formulated with chrome powder instead of metallic flake to give a truly unique finish.



  • Features: VVIVID Air Release, Scratch Resistance, Protective Liner
  • Type: Automotive, Architectural, Marketing Applications, Indoor & Outdoor
  • Lifetime: 3-5 years (Based On Vertical Exposure)
  • Warranty*:¬†2.5 years (Multilayered films with high UV exposure on horizontal surfaces¬†tend to cause some adhesive residue during removal) ¬†Adhesive can be removed by simply rubbing it off. Adhesive residue will not damage paint in any way.¬†
  • Finish:¬†High¬†Gloss
  • Adhesive Type: Acrylic-Based
  • Thickness:¬†3.9 mils
  • Roll Width: 5 feet (60 inches)
  • Conformability: High
  • Application Method: Dry¬†

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