VViViD Armor-Tint® Blackout (ultra-conform) (wet application)


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Introducing VVIVID Armor-Tint® Blackout

With the launch of VViViD's new Canadian factory and the new paint-protection line, VViViD is introducing a headlight tint that is highly conformable (with or without heat)

This tint currently comes in a really dark blackout shade. It is marked as a conceptual film and other shades are coming soon.


  • Features: Protective qualities from PPF construction, ultra-conformable, scratch resistant
  • Type: Automotive, Architectural, Marketing Applications, Indoor & Outdoor
  • Lifetime: N/A Tests points to 10 years + (still going through testing)
  • Finish: High Gloss
  • Adhesive Type: Acrylic-Based
  • Thickness: 6 mils
  • Roll Width: 4 feet (48 inches)
  • Conformability: High
  • Application Method: Wet

    If you have any issues / concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department:

    Tel.: 514 508 2529