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VViViD Enamel Paint Wrap High Temperature Vinyl Film for Calipers - Atomic Lime Green

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  • ASIN: B0747XK1SL
  • UPC: 628856126646

The First of it's Kind! VViViD Has just launched it's High Temp Vinyl wrap for calipers and other high temp applications. Gone are the days of removing parts, sanding and overspray! With a little heat, VViViD Enamel wrap will contour the shape of your caliper giving it a brand new look! Installation instructions are simple. Use a wire brush to remove rust and loose debris. Wipe off any dirt or grime from your surface. Peel and stick the vinyl onto the caliper face. Use a heat gun and film into surface to conform to shape. Use a sharp blade to cut excess vinyl. The film will cure into place when you drive and generate heat!