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VViViD Gloss Shield Scratch + UV Protection Vinyl Wrap Spray Sealant 16 oz

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  • ASIN: B01IDSA2D0
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VVIVID SHIELD is a unique protective sealant designed to protect vinyl wrap and plastic coatings from UV rays, scratches, cracking and weathering. How is this done? The nano polymer bonding technology gives this product the ability to change the energy of a surface. How? by bonding polymer particles infused with UV absorbers for protection against fading and discoloring. Hardeners for up to 75% more resistance to abrasion and scratching during and after installation. Hydrophobic qualities for resistance to weathering, cracking, road grime and more. Reflective particles for an enhanced finish. DIRECTIONS: Do not apply in direct sunlight. Surface must be cool before application. For best results, spray on a clean area, gently wipe off with a microfiber cloth. Apply VViViD SHIELD after every wash in order to keep the film’s finish resistant to stains, discoloring, scratching and more. Product can be used on any vinyl wrap, clear bra, plasti-dip, plastic trim or rubber products.