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VViViD Wrap Sticks (3 Pack) (MCF)

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VViViD Wrap Sticks enable DIY’ers and pros alike to vinyl wrap even the most intricate contours of cars, bikes, trucks, or furniture! Unlike standard squeegees, these specialist tools are shaped to easily smooth wrinkles and air-bubbles out of tight curves and recessed surfaces, for a perfect finish. The VViViD Wrap Stick 3-pack includes a hard (green) wrap stick for smoothing vinyl on; a medium-hard (purple) stick for tight curves and edges; and a soft (blue) wrap stick, for ultimate flexibility in detailed areas. With an ergonomic grip-textured handle for safety and comfort, and a cutting guide in each stick for making straight, perfectly spaced vinyl cuts, try wrap sticks today, and see the difference! Tackle any task, with VViViD

  • VINYL WRAP even the most intricate and difficult curves, cavities and contours, where other squeegees would be unusable! Perfect for badges, logos, vinyl wrapping rims, etc
  • SPECIALLY SHAPED to fit any tightly curved or corrugated surface, allowing you to eliminate air bubbles for a perfectly smooth finish
  • 3 LEVELS OF FLEXIBILITY: Green is hard and stiff, for smoothing vinyl on. Purple is less hard, for tight curves and perfect edges. Blue is soft, for ultimate flexibility in detailed areas
  • CUTTING GUIDES: Insert your knife blade into the slotted handle to hold the blade steady, and slide it along the surface for a perfectly straight cut (see pics for instructions)
  • ERGONOMIC GRIP handle has a grip-texture for steadying your hand, preventing wrist strain and uneven cuts in the vinyl