How to Measure your Wrap Project

How to Measure your Wrap Project
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how to size your wrap project

You can use any form of measuring tape from cased tape, sewing tape or even just a string. Please take the time to measure each part of your vehicle to ensure the correct amount of vinyl is purchased. Always purchase more to account for errors or wrong measurements.

The width of our automotive vinyl is always 5ft

All our automotive vinyls (excluding tints) have a width of 5ft (60 inches). So whether you order a 1 foot roll, 50 foot roll or a master roll, the width stays a constant 5 foot. Important note: patterns also run length wise on a master roll. Make sure to lay the vinyl length wise on your car for the best effect.

measure by the longest points

Always take into account the longest point of the fenders your are measuring as shown in the diagram above. Remember to always have some extra vinyl incase of any errors during measurement. Better safe than sorry! 

Use seams when doing large surfaces

We recommend using a sewing measuring tape or rope to measure the bumpers as you will get a more accurate measurement. Also you will get excess vinyl when cutting out for the side windows. This vinyl can be used for side mirrors or other smaller areas on or off your car! 

Seams are also a great technique to use when a fender is too large for a single piece or too difficult to wrap in one piece. You can find out more tips and tricks on how to vinyl wrap here:

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