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Celebrate the last few days of 2019 with VViViD's Boxing Day Sales! The larger the order the more you save! Don't forget you also get wrapcoins! Sale begins December 26th 12:00am EST and ends on December 29th 11:59pm EST. Use the following discounts at checkout to claim your rebates;

Spend over 100$ and use code Tier100 for 20% off
Spend over 200$ and use code Tier200 for 25% off
Spend over 500$ and use code Tier500 for 30% off
Spend over 800$ and use code Tier800 for 35% off

*These discounts do not stack with each other nor do they stack with any existing discounts. Discounts on items will only be applied on order totals that meet each tier using VViViD manufactured products. Pre-orders and out of stock items are not eligible for any promotional offers. Shipping costs do not affect order total.